About Me

Welcome to my crazy years. My name is Angie. I’m married to perfect perfectionist and I’m on the short road to 40. I am also the proud momma of a beautifully mouthy 5-year-old daughter, and a crazy cool 7-year-old son (who is proud to possess the attitude of a 17-year-old).

With the mouth of my daughter, the attitude of my son, my husband’s career concerns, my own career path and of course, the day-to-day  mom stuff (you know – letting laundry pile-up, bad meal planning, stacking dirty dishes, responding to teachers, accompanying a panicky 5 year old on a playdate and re-scheduling doctor’s appointments) there are days when I’m not sure how I’m going to survive through lunch – never mind all the way to 40!

Resolving Crazy is my way to accept and survive this crazy time in my life. It’s an avenue for me to vent once in a while but, more importantly, a place for me to find ways to embrace the crazy. I spend a lot of time surfing the net – I mean, a lot of time and always late at night. I start with a plan to find a craft to work on with the kids or an answer to a personal issue and somehow I end up finding 10 things I want to make plus stories about inspiring people, inexpensive home organization ideas and a long list of recipes I think maybe, just maybe, my kids might eat. Through this blog I’m hoping you’ll help me resolve some of the crazy quests in my life and I will definitely pass all my resolutions on to you – whether they were ideas generated from this blog or ones I found elsewhere. Sometimes answers are hard to find – I’ll try to put answers all in one spot so you won’t have to dig so hard when you have the same question! Plus I’ll show you some of what I do – photography, crafts with the kids, a bit of graphic design and whatever else it takes to get me to my 40th birthday.

I’d love you to join me on my quest to resolve the crazy years.




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