Dinner Time Dress Codes

There are certain daily tasks that we all just take for granted. You get up, eat, have breakfast, brush your teeth, comb your hair and move on with all the necessary activities that lead to a successful day. Somewhere in the latter half of the day, you make dinner and put it on the table for your family to enjoy (at least, that’s the intent). At no point in my life did I think that I would spend a healthy chunk of time explaining to a 6-year-old that one of our culture’s mandatory daily activities is to put underwear on before coming to the dinner table. Only underwear, that’s all I ask. We’re all family and if you want to go shirtless that’s fine but underwear – they’re required. I think it’s a reasonable rule.

The Top 5 Reasons to Wear Underwear to Dinner:

5. Because wood chairs with a high gloss finish are cold and no, we’re not putting couch cushions on them to make them warmer

4. Because spilling soup becomes significantly more dangerous without underwear on

3. Because if the school can give you limitations on how wide your tank top straps have to be, I think a reasonable dress code at home is to wear undies for dinner

2. Because underwear are a passport to the dining room – without them the household customs agents do not let you enter and instead remand you to solitary confinement with no chance of dinner

1. Honestly, weren’t the first 4 reasons enough? They really should be.

I think the point has been made and we are all, 6-year-olds included, now wearing underwear to dinner. Small victories.



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