What have I been doing??

Between the leaves hitting the ground last fall and the new buds on the trees this spring, there was very little time to think about posting here. Ironically, life just felt overwhelmingly crazy and the only way to resolve the craziness was to let this blog go for a while. But I’m back and so many things, some big and some small have happened during my absence. Day-to-day tasks and grand plans have kept me busy but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and where I am today. I look forward to the many events that will take place over the days and months to come. Here are just a few highlights from my time away, in no particular order:

  1. I started a home-based business (www.angelacjohnson.com) that has (knock on wood) been successful and has provided me with a new perspective on so many things
  2. Gah, I turned 40!
  3. I maneuvered my way through WordPress to develop my own website
  4. A big step – I helped my husband take a medical leave, quit his job and start the process of creating his own architectural drafting business
  5. Second chances meant a second try at knitting! My dad put a brave face on while wearing his new hat, he put a positive spin on the “oversized” style. Thanks Dad!
  6. I made 3 buckets of this laundry detergent to do about 472 loads of laundry (I’m not sure if that’s an exaggeration or an under-estimation!)
  7. Both children received “Student of the Month” awards, which were probably more special to me than to them I think!
  8. Finally, I paid for the much debated camera purchase and started taking more pictures that make me happy
  9. I made more than half of our Christmas presents including ones inspired by this post and this one
  10. After many attempts, I think I’ve mastered the art of the gluten-free chocolate chip cookie – those of you with gluten-free children know what a big deal this really is.

There are days when I wonder how it all gets done. There are others when I think, regardless of whether it all gets done or not, I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to try.



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