Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Proud to be My Mother’s Daughter

Just a few of the reasons I am proud to be my Mother’s daughter.

10. My mom ­is strong and positive and encourages me to be the same, even when $10,000 home repairs ruin your vacation plans.

9. Thankfully, she doesn’t remind me that my constant requests for kids to pick up their clothes is the universe’s way of saying “you get what you give”.

8. She taught me how to be supportive AND happy in a marriage, through the somewhat imbalanced periods of better and worse.

7. She always makes sure I know when Harry Connick Jr. is on Ellen’s show.

6. Through years of ups, downs and a lot of hard work, she has shown me that running your own business is hard work but it provides opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment that aren’t available anywhere else.

5. She bravely got on a GT Snowracer and raced down a snow-covered hill just to break her back for her 40th birthday and make sure I couldn’t possibly have a worse 40th. (That is why you did that, right Mom?)

4. She’s actually a computer whiz but she cleverly pretends she’s not, just to give me someone to practice my coaching techniques on.

3. My mom taught me that a child’s homemade craft (even a 40-year-old child’s homemade craft) is one of the best presents I could ask for.

2. She kicks butt at Angry Birds.

1. Most of all, I’m proud to be my mother’s daughter because she taught me what it means to be a Mom; through the good times and the bad.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the others who are reading.


Mother's Day


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