Family Creativity

Every now and then I have a plan for family fun that actually works out. It’s not easy to find activities we all enjoy but once in a while we come across one that makes us all happy; memories are made. The art project I’m sharing today was one of those plans. We actually did this just after we moved into our house a couple of years ago but I’m still proud of it and it always makes me happy when I see it.

The kids were actually a little confused to start. There was a huge chunk of canvas on the floor (I work for a digital printer and used the end of a roll of inkjet canvas, yay free project!), and I handed everyone white crayons. The kids happily started colouring until they realized they couldn’t see anything they were drawing! For my daughter who was just happy to scribble (she was 3), this didn’t pose a problem. For my son who likes to see and understand everything happening at all times – it was most definitely a problem. We helped him exercise his patience and trust in me and pretty soon it was time for the magic.

With paintbrushes in hand and watercolour palettes on each end of our canvas we started spreading colour. Working in our own areas and eventually blending our colours we worked as a team to reveal all the scribbles, words and patterns we had created with the crayons. The watercolour paints won’t absorb into the wax crayons so any area that was illustrated with white crayon was brought into focus. Mom was right – this is fun!

Together we made this beautiful piece of art that is a statement in our living room and will always be a treasure in our family.


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