Too easy to get addicted!

I am a thinker. To a fault. I have to think everything through; the pros and the cons, the benefits, the what-ifs and the why-nots. Spending money that I may or may not have on a new camera was one of those things I had to think about (and drive my family crazy about) for months. Finally, I took the leap and bought it and I’m having so much fun! I haven’t taken what I would call a “stellar” photo yet but I see the potential. I just have to find the time to read the manual and figure out the quirks (err, new features) of this well thought out purchase. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, what do you think?

Playing together at the beach on a very windy day.

Trying to hear herself over the crashing waves.

Love the contrast in the deep orange flowers.

This is a pretty good representation of what our family looks like. Do they make blonde Playmobil?

Finding new joy in some old toys.


3 thoughts on “Too easy to get addicted!

  1. Hey, these are really nice pictures – particularly love the ones on the beach! I remember getting my camera a short while back and going through the same processes – it’s kinda scary wielding the potential but being unsure how to use it isn’t it? Glad you took the financial plunge though 😉

    • Thanks Darren! I’ve actually worked in the photography industry for many years now but almost always on the administrative side. It’s kind of liberating to have the camera in my hands, owned by me and full of creative freedom. Good luck with your creative endeavors as well, your site looks great!

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