Happy New Year… sort of.

The first day of school always feels more like the New Year than January 1st does. Even before I had kids this day symbolized a clean slate, a new beginning and the start of my favourite season!

The summer was so busy that my blog fell to the side. I think that was important. Resolving Crazy was started because I needed a place to work out the wonderful insanity of my life – to find focus and peace. I spent this amazing and crazy summer doing my best to balance freelance work at home and time with the kids but I just couldn’t make room for the blog too. So, to resolve crazy, I had to let it go.

The “new year” is here now and with it I think I’m ready to try again. Routines are back in place, kids are in bed at a reasonable hour and I am getting the hang of the work-at-home-mom balance. I can focus again on photos, links for recipes, crafts and blogs and maybe even some more simple pleasures – they really do help put the crazy into perspective.

So, in the spirit of getting back to it – I found this yummy treat for the kids lunches that, although not particularly healthy, is delicious and gluten-free thanks to the Rice Chex. I had some leftover corn syrup (don’t ask me how old it was, all I know is it hasn’t made any of us sick yet!) so I’ve been using it but I’d rather find a replacement. I’m considering maple syrup but if any of you have another alternative to the not-so-healthy corn syrup please let me know.


On a day like today, a simple pleasure is also called for. I often sit with my daughter at night, waiting for her to fall asleep. I grow impatient at times thinking of all the other things I need to do and wondering why she can’t stop talking long enough to just fall asleep. Tonight, after her first day of Grade 1, she had a lot to say in the dark. I brushed my impatience away – it wasn’t the time for it – and I listened to her tell me about her day, offer her wisdom to the cat and inquire about the weather forecast for tomorrow (it’s critical that she get to play on the “big kid yard” and today’s rain did not allow it). I gave her my arm when she asked if she could please cuddle it to fall asleep and I stayed a little longer when she finally did let herself sleep. I read my book and I listened to her breathe. Simple pleasures.


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