Simple Pleasure #6 – The Mystery Plant.

I’ve had some trouble keeping up with the garden. It’s not only been a busy summer but a hot one as well. I have very little tolerance for the heat and would much rather sit inside by a fan than sweat through a weed-pulling session. The sad part is, this heat-aversion has led to a wide variety of unwanted plants in the garden. It’s hard to be proud of such an overwhelming space – between the tomato jungle and the knee-high thistles it’s not pretty.

I had a friend over recently who is interested in gardening so I sucked up my embarrassment long enough to take her on a tour. She was incredibly polite about the whole situation and very casually said,

“Oh, you’re growing pumpkins?”

My response?

“Um, not that I’m aware of.”

Surrounding the compost bin was a mish-mash of plants, weeds and flowers. Among them was what we think is a pumpkin plant. I remember putting the pumpkin bits into the composter last year – looks like some of the seeds started life again in the healthy soil of the compost bin. Of course, it could be another type of squash – which is why I’m calling it the Mystery Plant – but either way it’s going to be fun to watch this unexpected beauty grow!

Do you agree? Am I going to have a Jack O’Lantern this Hallowe’en? And maybe a Jill O’Lantern to go with it?



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