Everything but the kitchen sink – Simple Pleasure #5.

Picture it. It’s eight o’clock in the morning and you’re running like crazy trying to get everything ready for the family vacation. The kids have been looking forward to it for months and they’re filled with energy and impatience. You run upstairs to get extra underwear and downstairs to grab the bathing suit hanging in the laundry room. Back upstairs for the toothbrushes and a last minute hunt for a missing, but critical, stuffed animal. Where to next? Oh, right – back down to the kitchen for the mandatory car snacks. As you’re checking things off your list (praying you put everything you needed on the list in the first place!) you look up to see that there’s an energy booster sitting on the counter waiting for you. It’s what I like to call the “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” smoothie. Thank goodness for a husband who manages to save forgotten fruit from the crisper and yogurt pushed to the back of the fridge! Combine those ingredients with whatever frozen fruit is in the freezer, the last cup of juice and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed and you end up with what could very possibly be the last bit of nutrition you’ll see for the duration of your trip. It’s even nut-free and gluten-free so my whole-family can enjoy it! Simply the best way to start any day, particularly one as crazy as this!


The “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Smoothie. A different flavour every time!


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