Taking Pleasure in the Rain

It’s been raining, finally raining. I sat in my office today, working beside the open window and listened to the rain falling. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it more. I think my garden feels the same.

After weeks of trying to figure out how to keep up with the work inside the house I finally gave in, let it get messy and went outside in an attempt to rescue my lawn and garden. They are quickly becoming the disgrace of the neighbourhood. As I sat on the patio stones, pulling very stubborn weeds from very narrow cracks, I looked up to push my glasses back up my sweaty nose. In that split second I saw the clematis growing up the arbour. It’s been blooming for a week or two now but I finally paid attention to how many flowers were there and how incredibly rich they looked. It’s not that I hadn’t seen them before, but I was always focused on the dilapidated state of the arbour. I hadn’t noticed how amazingly full of flowers this persevering plant truly is, growing strong regardless of the hot, dry season.

I got up to take a closer look and then decided to take a tour through my small patch of flowers and veggies. For weeks I’d been lamenting the loss of my peas, parsnips and potentially my leeks thanks to what I resentfully referred to as the “tomato jungle”. Seriously, how did 4 little plants turn into this tangle of tomatoes that had overtaken the entire garden plot? With very little rain and a lot of neglect, they somehow managed to gr0w into strong, productive plants. They were no longer just leaves blocking the growth of the other veggies; now I had fresh, beautiful food just in time to make a delicious tomato salad for a visit from a much-missed friend.

In a matter of 15 minutes I was rejuvenated. My yard may currently be a field of burnt weeds sucked dry by chinch bugs and a dry season, but I still managed to grow food for my family and beautiful flowers to see from the kitchen window. I foresee a lot of spaghetti dinners and chili this winter – made with garden fresh tomatoes. Yum.

A tiny snippet of the clematis climbing up the garden arbour.

Bound for a tomato/cucumber salad with feta. So good.




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