A Place to Sit

Today was one of those days – some people call it Monday, I call it Tantrum Day. I thought that by the time we got to the ripe old age of 5 1/2 these days would be gone. Sadly, I’m learning that  the “fewer and farther between” option is more likely. The good thing is that I also have an 8 1/2 year old who is wonderful about saying, “Are you okay Mom?” and offering a pat on the back. It always amazes me at how transparent my feelings are. You might think that’s a good thing; I might not.

After a long day (or, let’s be honest, a long hour) of wondering whether you have the capacity to do anything right, say anything suitable or even just have the right facial expression it’s amazing how much you appreciate a quiet place to sit. At the beach or at home, I can choose to reflect on the day and figure out how to make the next one better. The other option of course – I can simply sit and remember that I am loved, with a cherry on top.

A quiet summer comfort zone.

The beach itself isn’t necessarily quiet but when the kids are happily engrossed in sandcastle building everything turns to white noise and my mind quiets.


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