With a Cherry on Top

What a weekend! My parents invited the kids to join them on an overnight camping trip and they accepted eagerly. That left my husband and I with a solid 24 hour period to get some work done in the house. Amazing! The list of simple pleasures over the weekend is long – everything from new shelves for toy storage, organized (and put away) Lego and even an adult dinner out. All of these things were great but the highlight of the weekend was the simplest of all and full of healing power. As I leaned into the truck to say goodbye to my daughter she said, “I love you mom, with a cherry on top!” – awesome, right? Wait though, it was followed up with “Mom, that means I need to kiss you on the head, like a cherry – on the top!”.

Super simple and it got me through the entire weekend – even the “tired camper” meltdowns that consumed Sunday afternoon. I’m actually not a fan of cherries but I will be forever grateful for Saturday’s imaginary one.

Toys – all organized, all in one place! Most importantly, all put away!

Organized right down to Lego categories. How long will it last?


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