Finding Focus

I knew a change in my career status would be on tap leading up to my 40th birthday and I finally took the plunge this summer. I am now officially a contract Project Manager/Administrative Manager (if any of you need one of those, let me know!). As I jump into this new territory with it’s many changes and challenges, I am trying to find focus. We all have to do this once in a while and often we look outside our immediate little worlds thinking that’s the best place to hunt down the elusive “focus”. This week I realized that my goal is to achieve as much simplicity as possible and that I need to focus on my own family to achieve it. I think this realization may alter the purpose of this blog. It might just become a place to sit at the end of the day and focus on easy, everyday things that encourage simplicity. Little things like watching my son confidently speak lines in his very first theatrical performance and find pride in every word.

After a fun but intensive one week theatre camp the crew of 6-9 year olds put on a great show in which my son played the pivotal role of “the fisherman” (I’m not biased at all). I was nervous for him as he has a tendency to be anxious about everything. This could either be a huge success or a one week source of constant anxiety. He ended up loving every minute and asked if I could get the teachers to stop playing so many theatre games so that they could just focus on learning their lines (did I mention he’s a bit of a perfectionist?). Putting him into this program was a simple thing to do and, amazingly, gave him a new outlook and his own new focus.

Of course, one of the wonderful parts of the night was after the play when his sister gave him multiple hugs and kisses to show how proud we all were of him. Even more wonderful? He let her.


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