Dream ~ Inspire ~ Create.

It’s always a challenge for me to come up with the perfect idea for year-end gifts for the kids’ teachers. It’s not that I can’t think of something – I just can’t decide on one thing! Thanks to people like Destri over at The Mother Huddle and Nicole at The Sleepy Time Gal I had so many ideas to choose from! First I fell in love with this reuse of china saucers – what a great place for teachers to store paper clips and more!

Image ©TheMotherHuddle

I really wanted to be able to do something with the matching teacup though and I couldn’t come up with anything other than a homemade candle – I wasn’t interested in experimenting with hot wax this time around.

I moved on to these adorable lavender dryer bags – I was dreaming of cute little words on each muslin bag to personalize them. Sadly, I wasn’t sure where to look for the lavender buds in my area and ran out of time.

Image ©TheMotherHuddle

Just as I was starting to contemplate the dreaded gift card I found another brilliant idea from The Sleepy Time Gal. These quick and easy sacks (okay, easy is right but I don’t think I pulled off quick – cutting is a weakness for me so it took me 10 minutes per sack just to get the right sizes!) seemed like a perfect way to give our teachers a home for some new markers, colour pencils, crayons and other art supplies. Using freezer paper stencils (seriously, my favourite technique) I added the French words for “create”, “dream” and “inspire”. I hope our French Immersion teachers appreciated that little touch.

New art supplies in personalized roll-top sacks.

These two very special teachers certainly helped to inspire our children to create and nurture some big dreams. Hopefully these art supplies will help them to inspire more kids next year.


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