Happy Father’s Day… I know, a little late.

I spent hours poring through Pinterest and scouring the net trying to find the perfect Father’s Day craft to make for my husband this year. We’ve done a hand print t-shirt, he has the perfect catch-all box made with popsicle sticks and he doesn’t wear ties so any “businessman” crafts seem inappropriate. There were so many crafts out there for Mother’s Day but I had a hard time finding one that suited my husband on his special day.

Then I found this blog post by Dana at Made. As I was reading it, ideas started to roll around in my previously uninspired head. I remembered seeing a Father’s Day print that had a child’s answers to questions about his Dad. All of a sudden (seriously, it was like a gift from the Idea Gods) I was inspired! I sat the kids down and asked them a bunch of questions about their Dad. With pens, paper and clipboards in their hands, they worked intently on their answers. I scanned their papers and then used PhotoShop to place their responses beside the typeset questions. A few quick, double-sided prints on recycled bond paper gave me the interior pages of a little “Ode to Daddy” book. The covers were simple – “I’ve Known my Dad Since (insert birth date here)” – and they were printed on inkjet watercolour paper to provide some weight. The most stressful part was the sewing because I knew if I screwed it up I’d have to start all over again. Truth is, I did screw it up a bit – the lines aren’t particularly straight – but I think it adds to the overall homemade feel and emphasizes how hard we worked to make Dad feel special. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Sewing done and out of the way, I invited the kids to draw pictures to go along with their answers. My daughter, the ever-independent thinker, opted to draw pictures on regular paper and give them as a separate gift. My son, who loves when a plan comes together, happily illustrated the answers inside his little book.

I’m hoping to make this a yearly tradition (assuming the kids co-operate). I’ll ask the same questions plus a few new ones to see how well they know their Dad. Maybe next year they’ll get the eye colour right! 😉


Apologies for the low quality pictures – I really need to get myself a new camera!


My son’s depiction of “SuperDad” and “SuperKid” off to find a new adventure!


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