From Me to We

Ear piercings, Fifth disease, dentist appointments, PA days, summer planning, heat waves and life-changing career moves. Does that list of things make you as tired as it’s made me for weeks?

Writing this blog and prepping projects to share here gave me the focus and inspiration I needed to make it through the cold winter months. But when summer hit early and sickness and an over-the-top amount of daily dramas hit, I couldn’t keep up. Something had to go, at least temporarily, and this was it.  The good news is that the involuntary hiatus has given me time to think about some things.

The bad news is that while I was in my “me-world”, thinking, stressing and dealing with a shift in my career goals, I must have spent too much time focusing on screens, phone calls and just being by myself because my daughter (remember, she’s 5) said to me last night,

“Everybody is always working and saying they can’t play until they send a text or something.”

Tonight she broke my heart with this one-liner,

“You never play with me.”

Topped off with…

“You play with him (her brother) more than you play with me.”

Totally not true of course but this is the way she sees things and it hurt. It hurt me more when I reflected on the last few weeks and months and realized I really haven’t been playing much. I’ve become much too serious with both of them and with myself. One of the things I’ve been struggling with is finding ways to boost my son’s self-confidence. I finally realized that the easiest and most important thing he probably needs is for his own mother to stop, focus, listen and play. To show him that things don’t always have to be so serious. Easier said than done when you’re not exactly the “laid-back” type.

So, with a new perspective thanks to two innocent children (that’s always the way, isn’t it?), I’ve decided to spend the summer focused more on simple things, relaxed play and time spent together. Dress-up, field trips, beach days and more – really, what could possibly be more important? Should make for a fun summer!

What do you do to resist falling into the “me-world” and instead stay firmly planted in the “we-world”?


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