Please leave a message at the…

new message board!

I surf through a lot of blogs over the course of a week but I keep coming back to the same ones because they’re just that good! I am inspired by every one of them, every day.

This idea for a message board from The Sleepy Time Gal got me thinking. I had a serving tray that was made exactly the same way – a piece of fabric inside a frame. Unfortunately, the colour was outdated and I hadn’t used it in a while. Hmmm… I smell a “repurpose”!

I had been itching to do something with silhouettes – I’ve seen beautiful pieces all over blogs, Pinterest and Etsy. I had the pictures and finally had an idea! Profile pics taken on my phone (quality wasn’t that important) were brought into PhotoShop and made into silhouettes. A quick print gave me stencils to trace onto two fabrics (one for girls, one for boys!). After some pretty painstaking cutting, I glued the fabric silhouettes to white cotton. Hindsight – white cotton is not the best choice. There is still a huge amount of lint on the finished piece that refused to leave it’s comfy home on the cotton. I was a bit bitter about this at first but I’m (mostly) over it now. Where was I? Right, I stapled the fabric to a piece of foamcore (repurposed from the tray) and put it back into the frame. Install some hanging hardware and – tada! – a daily message board right by our front door. Conveniently, our front door is right at the base of the stairs which means this is the first thing the kids see when they come down in the morning. They’re reminded right away of where they need to be and anything special that might be happening that day. Every night before I head back up the stairs I use a tissue to wipe off the dry erase marker and refresh it for the next day.

I’m very happy with how this turned out. Lint? What lint?



2 thoughts on “Please leave a message at the…

    • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – my most recent post explains why. 😉 Thank you for your inspiration – I never would have thought of this very helpful addition to our home without you!

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