More gluten-free goodness

The biggest challenge with going gluten-free has been finding good bread products. That includes (but is not limited to) buns, pizza crusts, bagels and tea biscuits. Good news though, we discovered Udi’s! Trust me when I tell you (and really you can because I am not getting paid to say this) I have not tasted any gluten-free bread yet that actually tastes as much like wheat-based bread as this one. The same applies to their hot dog buns so I assume that our barbequed, gluten-free hamburgers will taste just as good this summer. The products we’ve tried have a slightly different texture than wheat bread but they all taste good. The added bonus? If I use it to make a sandwich for my son’s lunch, it doesn’t automatically make his lunch bag weigh two pounds more! Our next test, if I can find it in our local stores, will be the pizza crusts. The memory of tonight’s bland pizza supper still weighs (quite literally) very heavy in my stomach. It’s been five hours, the memory will start to fade soon – right?

I’m still not sure if going gluten-free is going to be the answer to my son’s health issues but I know that it can’t hurt. Through this little experiment we’ve started to pay closer attention to what we’re eating and the kids have learned the benefits of farm over factory food. We are including more natural foods with ingredients we can pronounce into our diet. That’s gotta be a good thing.

Now we just need to work on kicking my daughter’s candy habit!



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