Granola: No nuts + no gluten = Yum!

The gluten-free trail has been an interesting one so far. We’ve discovered that gluten-free cookies can be just as yummy as regular ones. Honestly, when you have that much butter and sugar the flour is secondary and it doesn’t really matter what kind it is. That theory, however, does not apply to bread made in the bread maker. I’ll save you some trouble if you’re on the same journey as us – you cannot just replace the flour in a standard bread machine recipe for all-purpose gluten-free flour. Unless you don’t mind eating bread that doesn’t rise, looks bizarre and weighs in at a solid five pounds.

My parents have gone gluten-free for their own reasons. It’s been great having a sounding board and someone else to take some of the cooking risks (they’re still on the hunt for the perfect pizza recipe – any ideas?). They came across this recipe for granola and my mom very generously brought the ingredients to my house to help me make my own batch. It is super yummy and, with the addition of some fresh blueberries or raspberries, it made a fantastic breakfast. I say it “made” a great breakfast because I’ve eaten it all. The kids ate a bit but I won’t lie – I ate more than my share.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty straightforward recipe. I think the hardest part is getting the time to get all the ingredients again! When I look at my breakfast options for this week though, I suddenly have the inspiration I need to go shopping.




3 thoughts on “Granola: No nuts + no gluten = Yum!

  1. I’m still playing around with pre-packaged gluten free all-purpose flour however in the very near future I hope to mix my own GF AP flour mix and then I can attempt bread. And I’ll have to remember to check out some GF bread recipe books from the library too!

    • Please let me know if you find an all-purpose recipe that will work with a bread machine. We found Udi’s Bread in the grocery store which is quite yummy and very convenient but there’s nothing like a loaf of homemade bread once in a while!

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