It’s getting closer…

It’s almost here. Summer’s coming, I can feel it.

Seriously, I can.

In the sky – dandelion seeds are blowing (thanks kids!) and the weather is flipping between downpours and rainbows. I look up and see thousands of young buds on the maple tree and masses of butterflies weaving in and out of its branches.

In the earth – the ground is soft, happily welcoming new plants beside the old standbys that are quickly emerging.

In my back – which is pleasantly tired from digging, planting, picking and weeding.

It is so nice to sit here listening to the pouring rain and to be grateful for it because I know it will only help the plants grow. It’s nice to know that tomorrow I can take a break from working inside to work outside. And it’s nice to breathe in warm, fresh, delicious air and dream about eating strawberries straight from the garden.

I can’t wait for summer – frizzy hair and all.






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