Whoops – I forgot!

I finally did a post last night and forgot to put a link in! Just goes to show that if you get out of the blogging habit for a week, you forget all the details!

I mentioned last night that I made my own laundry detergent this month thanks to the lovely Nicole Shiffler. Nicole is over at The Sleepy Time Gal where she writes personal, inspiring and helpful posts that I am completely addicted to. She has a series of posts about making everyday things for your home including air fresheners, body scrubs, hair detangler, dryer balls and laundry detergent. The ideas are natural, simple and economical. I’ve made two batches of the laundry detergent. I followed her directions for the first batch but, I’ll be honest, I got lazy and instead of grating a bar of soap for the second batch I bought soap flakes which made the process even easier (Eco Pioneer brand; they make borax and washing soda too). The soap flakes are probably more expensive than Ivory bar soap but you get more and it’s quicker so I don’t think it adds much more to the overall cost in the end. I also added a few drops of orange essential oil for a bit of scent. My laundry is coming out clean, bright and without a lot of artificial smells – I love it.

Thanks Nicole!



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