The Evolution of Art

It feels like it’s been a while since I did an “Art of the Week” post. We’re going through a bit of an “art lull” here right now as we start to focus more on getting outside and enjoying the Spring weather. Since I didn’t have a fresh piece of art to share tonight I took a digital trip through scans of my son’s artwork to find something that represented what his artistic style is right now. It’s funny, there’s a huge difference between what he was drawing in Grade 2 and what he now puts on paper in Grade 3. He went from drawing fluffy, puffy characters sitting on clouds in Grade 2 to a knife-wielding horned creature robbing a bank and fleeing from the burning building on his jet-powered hovercraft. Only mildly frightening. I swear, I don’t encourage violence and he doesn’t watch police dramas. I’m pretty sure this is just the natural evolution of the mysterious creatures we call “boys”. This school year has been filled with a new club every week; he and his friends come up with unique characters and super powers and they spend their quiet class time (after all work is done of course) bringing their visions to life on paper. I know that it seems like the 2nd drawing below is about a bank robbery in progress but what I see is an 8-year-old telling a dramatic story through detailed and imaginative illustrations. So cool.

Art drawn in Grade 2. ©LAJ 2012


Art drawn in Grade 3. ©LAJ 2012




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