Freezer Paper Stencils Strike Again!

During a recent effort to clean out our basement storage area (again) I came across a basket full of sewing repairs that I had tucked into a corner and completely forgotten about. In all honesty, I may have forgotten about it on purpose. Seriously, what’s more fun, sewing buttons on to forgotten pants or making something new? However, I’ve promised myself that I will avoid procrastination whenever possible AND try to declutter. The dreaded basket was the perfect opportunity to keep both these promises. In very short time I fixed holes in stuffed animals (they had been there so long they were new to my daughter the next morning!), finished a dress for my daughter, closed pockets on a bathrobe and found purpose for an old bolster pillow and a piece of cotton I had freezer paper stenciled over a month ago.

Our den/office/library/sewing room (aka, my favourite room) has a comfy recliner that is the perfect place to cuddle up and watch tv late at night. I love cozying up in that chair with my flannel rag quilt (made out of our old receiving blankets – I love the warmth and memories this brings me, even if it doesn’t match the “décor”) but I was missing a pillow. In my sewing basket I found an old bolster pillow covered with Winnie-the-Pooh fabric. That fabric choice was mine when my son was very young but once he was able to voice an opinion, Winnie-the-Pooh had to go. I saved it for my daughter but, being the tomboy she is, she didn’t like it either. I pulled the pillow cover off, found a piece of leftover fabric that matched the chair, pieced it together with heavy-weight cotton that I had freezer paper stenciled (tutorial here – thanks Dana!) and voila – here’s what I ended up with. Cute and cozy, right? Now on to making some washcloths out of the old Winnie-the-Pooh fabric and some flannel scraps. Who knew de-cluttering could be so much fun?


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