Certified for Summer

We’ve had such a weird Spring this year. The temperature has ranged from 2-27 degrees Celsius. We’ve had sun and clouds and the other day on my drive home I hit rain, hail, snow and ice and a 6 degree temperature drop – all within 10 minutes! It’s no wonder we’re all anxious to get to a season with a little more consistency. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the warmer spring, I’d just like to be able to be a little more prepared on a daily basis. Do I send the kids to school in a t-shirt or a winter coat?

In my attempts to think positive and try to get through the crazy ups and downs of Spring, I started surfing for gardening ideas. I remembered a link my friend sent me months ago (during her own mid-winter dreams of summer) about having your garden certified as “Wildlife Friendly”. I am going to do my best to do this with my kids this Spring. The components of the Canadian program include providing food, water and shelter for wildlife, gardening in an Earth-friendly way and incorporating regionally native plants. The American program through the National Wildlife Federation is very similar. We’ve got a pretty good start on the above components; we’ve covered the shrubs, trees and birdhouses needed for shelter. Bird feeders and flowering shrubs are in place to provide food, the composter is full of wonderful nutrient-rich soil (very Earth-friendly) and we own a rain barrel to collect water. I think I’ll add my own component; it’s called “Make Your Garden Not So Ugly”.  I’ll be honest – this is the most challenging part but should also be the most fun. I’ve been all over Pinterest tonight looking for some beautiful, colourful ways to perk up the garden – something that gives you a snapshot of who we are; loud and chaotic but full of love and colour. Check out my Pinterest board and let me know if you have any other ideas. If you decide to go down the certification road, let me know how you do and I’ll start posting pics of our progress next week. In the meantime, here’s my dream of how it should look – I do love a good daydream!



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