Little Critters

There are so many ideas that I come across in my random Internet surfing that sometimes it’s hard to remember which post or site in particular sparked an idea. This little craft that I absolutely loved doing was one of those ideas. I saw a post somewhere that featured small “cuddlies” made from a patterned fabric. I thought this was brilliant – perfect little cuddlies for my daughter’s dollhouse residents. Turns out, the dollhouse residents were quickly evicted and the vacated space was turned into an animal sanctuary. These tiny flannel friends shared the space with a variety of plastic animals and the little heart pockets I made for Valentine’s Day were used as beds. In a matter of minutes the whole space was overrun with critters.

The novelty has worn off a little now – as it often does with my little girl with the little attention span – but I still loved making these. I even put a pretty little pink owl into one of my “Smile” cards to say thank you to a very wise friend. These little guys (particularly that owl!) made me smile and I wanted to share that. I hope my friend smiles every time she looks at it!

Oh – and thanks to the brilliant creators of Pinterest, I finally have a way to visually catalog my favourite posts, sites and random inspirations that I can share with you when you visit me here or follow me there.


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