Factory or Farm

Over the past year we’ve begun to really appreciate foods that are locally grown. From the farm fresh eggs and weekly stops at the apple orchard (for Ambrosia apples – I’ve never seen these in the store but they’re yummy and take a long time to brown which is a plus with small children!) to the first summer with our own little garden full of peas, tomatoes, carrots and fresh herbs – we love it all. When we decided to try out gluten-free living to help my son’s digestive issues it seemed even more important to talk to the kids again about whether food comes from a factory or a farm. It’s a fun little game to play at the dinner table! Being gluten-free is not an easy transition for an entire family but one of the beginner steps is to remove as much processed food from our diet as possible, which is where the “factory or farm” game comes into play. I should say that we also incorporate homemade foods into the farm category; basically anything that doesn’t come in a box from a big grocery store.

With these rules in play the kids have started to better appreciate apples, salads, peppers, eggs, yogurt, berries and more. We have been making batches of homemade muffins and chocolate chip cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth and snack cravings. Don’t get me wrong – my daughter would still run down the street in her underwear if it meant you’d give her candy, but at this point she’s also interested in what has wheat and what doesn’t and I’ll encourage that education as long as I can.

We’re just testing out the gluten-free option here and so far it’s going well. I’ve had a lot of help from some great websites so I thought I’d share them with you here. If you’re on the same journey, please share your favourite sites – I’d love to explore them!

I like this link in particular - great info for those of us with kids.



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