April Calendar, Free Printable

Can you believe April is almost here? How crazy has the March weather been where you are?

Our fridge calendar is still working for us here so I put together a new one for April. I’ve included Easter and Earth Day and I’ll let you guys add the rest. What have you got in store for the coming month? We’ve got an open house at my mom’s custom framing shop (www.sundancegallery.ca – it’s this weekend, check it out!), Float your Fanny Down the Ganny, a school trip to the Outdoor Education Centre, Easter and Earth Day. At least, that’s what we know about so far. Hopefully we’ll have lots of time for gardening too – I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to start this year, I just know there’s lots I want to do and have very little budget to do it. If you have any frugal gardening ideas or Pinterest boards, please let me know – I’m open to all ideas!

The free printable of our April calendar is included below – I hope it helps you have a great month! Just remember, no printing between 8:30 and 9:30 tomorrow night – have a happy Earth Hour!


oh – just a reminder, this printable prints over 4 8.5×11 pages that I tape together to fill the real estate on my freezer door.

©ResolvingCrazy, 2012


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