Art of the Week

Just a quick post tonight – it’s been a crazy week! Even with all the craziness though, I wanted to share this special piece of art with you. Last week I joined my daughter’s kindergarten class on a trip to the National Air Force Museum of Canada. That morning, before we left for school, she was so excited that I was actually going to be able to join her on a school trip that she had to draw a picture of it before we even went! Can you tell it was a cloudy day and the radio was threatening rain as she drew? I also love the hearts on the plane (why has no airline incorporated hearts into their logo yet?) and the fact that her initials are on the nose of the plane. And I’m pretty sure she told me what type of bird that is flying beside the plane but, sadly, I was caught up in making lunches for both of us and I can’t remember. Considering our recent trip to the provincial park to look at waterfowl, I’m guessing it’s a duck of some sort! The trip was great but one of the highlights by far was the excitement she had while drawing – can you feel it?

©AVJ 2012



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