More Animal Science

In January I wrote about my daughter’s passionate declaration – she is going to be an animal scientist when she grows up! She wants to save the “astinct” animals. This conversation has come up a number of times in our house because she’s so interested in animals right now. We’re actually at the point where she must dress as some sort of animal every day and have a stuffed animal that matches. Yes, this does offer some challenges, but that’s a different story altogether.

Last night she told me that she already is an animal scientist and she plans to teach the toddlers at her babysitter’s about animals. I think this is amazing! Now I definitely feel pressure to raise her awareness, knowledge and involvement in wildlife conservation – she’s going to be teaching other kids after all! Before I wrote the last post I had looked for good, child-focused websites and wasn’t overly successful. I must not have been looking in the right places though because when I looked tonight I found lots of great sites and some good ideas. Here are some of my favourites:

Create A Nature Journal

Oh, the creative juices are flowing! I have idyllic pictures in my head of family visits to our parks, beaches and forests (our own backyard too!) to keep a journal of the animals and birds we encounter. We’ll do rubbings of leaves, drawings of animals, record sounds on my phone and have a little sandwich bag attached for rocks, acorns, leaves, and more. Sounds very peaceful and perfect, doesn’t it? Note that I did say this was an “idyllic” picture, I’m not sure if the kids will appreciate it as much as I do but I can try, right?

Kids Planet – fantastic website!

From the “Cool Stuff” page I downloaded the “Defenders Kids, Things to Think About and Do” PDF and it’s got some fantastic facts, colouring pages and activities. My daughter’s going to love this! The Nature Journal idea came from this site and the “Get the Facts” section is full of information on Endangered Species. The animals are separated by region so they get a geography lesson too!

Go Wild – from WWF UK

Again, this is broken down by regions and the site is not only well-designed but it’s filled with stories, activities, facts and games. Yay!

Africam – live views from Africa!

Okay, admittedly I haven’t seen any animals yet but we’re going to check during daylight hours and see if we can find something. There’s actually a “call button” which will (apparently) notify you if an animal is seen! If this works it’s going to be well used in our house!

And here are some others that look like lots of fun and (shh… don’t tell them) education.

NRDC – Green Squad (this is actually more general environmentalism, not so much animals, but it’s all connected)

PBS Kids EekoWorld


Rainforest Heroes

National Wildlife Federation

Canadian Wildlife Federation


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