March of the Penguins

My favourite day – today I get to brag about my kids’ artwork! If you read last week’s post Art Appreciation to Build Self-Esteem, you are well aware that I do like to brag – I hope you don’t mind indulging me here. This week it’s my daughter’s turn, since I am a very fair mom after all. I’d give you the opportunity to confirm that with the kids but they are (conveniently) sound asleep.

A couple of weeks ago I picked my daughter up from the babysitter and instead of being greeted with “Did you bring me a treat?” as I usually am the first thing she did was pull this neatly folded artwork out of her backpack to show me.

“I copied it from my hat Mommy!”

She did an amazing job! I’ve included a picture of her penguin hat below so you know just how close she got. Her creativity and her love for all animals (note, insects don’t share the same space in her heart) allowed her to finish off the penguin’s body and make sure the baby was close to its Mom.

I love two things about this picture. First, she clearly sat still and focused on the task at hand in order to copy her inspiration piece the best she could. That’s no small feat for her – trust me.  Second, and most importantly, I loved how proud she was of herself. That was priceless.

Please feel free to leave her a comment – she’d love to know what you think! And don’t forget to send me links to your kids’ work so I can put it on our “Art By Kids” Pinterest board for everybody to appreciate.


©AVJ 2012


The inspiration!


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