Wanted: Low-sugar, gluten-free snacks – for my picky kids.

Okay, I’m sharing and asking you to share tonight.

Food creates a number of issues in our house. We have a nut allergy, a gluten-intolerance (newly diagnosed), weight issues, picky eaters and a candy addict. The combination of these situations makes it difficult to plan snacks and meals that everybody likes. I’m always on the hunt for healthy meals and now I’m trying to find snacks that are gluten-free and low-sugar. I would also prefer to avoid ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

This weekend my daughter stood at the front door begging for fruit roll-ups as I headed to the grocery store. “We’ll see, we’ll see” – that’s my stock answer that, of course, she finds truly annoying. When I got to the store and found the box of sugar and colour on the shelf I just couldn’t bring myself to put it in the cart, even if it meant I was greeted with a princess-sized tantrum when I got home. Looking at those boxes of fake food in the store I resolved to find a way to give her a “treat” without letting her ingest a box of chemicals. Thank goodness for my iPhone! Standing in the middle of the grocery store I found a recipe for homemade fruit leather. In the produce aisle, strawberries just happened to be on sale. I reworked the recipe and made homemade strawberry fruit roll-ups last night. My daughter loved them – even if I did overcook them a little. The only problem was, they took 7 hours in the oven and only 24 hours to eat. I love the idea but not the execution. So, here’s my question – does anybody out there have a food dehydrator? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What model do you have? Somebody help me – I’m lost in online reviews right now!

Tonight we had a new issue – a bit odd for this time of year. The weather has been so warm here lately (bizarre even) that there has been a constant request for popsicles. It’s March – popsicles were not supposed to be on my grocery list yet. I came across this link over the weekend and thought it might be a quick answer. Sure enough – in less than an hour we had some yummy frozen yogurt dots that both picky eaters loved. I think I’ll be heading out to the grocery store tomorrow to get some more yogurt so I can make a tub of them for these strangely warm days!

Let me know what healthy, low-sugar, gluten-free snacks and lunches work for you this week. Please leave a comment and I’ll try to put another post up in the next week with more ideas so we all have a “go to” list.

Have a healthy week!

PS – Sorry there are no pictures, everything was eaten before I could photograph it!


One thought on “Wanted: Low-sugar, gluten-free snacks – for my picky kids.

  1. Wow, your food issues sound identical to ours! We have one in our bunch with Celiac Disease so I have lots of gluten free food recommendations if you still need them…unfortunately they often remove gluten and add sugar 😦 But since we also have a sugar addict in the house, I’m extra careful about that, too. Good luck! It’s not easy! I’ll dig through my favorites and pass them on…

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