Art Appreciation to Build Self-Esteem

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs here. It’s March Break and I had the days all planned out – a couple of Mom days, time at Grandma Camp, days with the babysitter and a day with a friend. Then “sick” decided to come over to play. Uninvited I assure you but, nevertheless, the plans had to change. We didn’t let the “downs” beat us though. We turned them into “ups”, enjoyed the amazing March weather and actually all managed to get along. Yay!

It’s been very busy dealing with everything running through the house but somehow I’ve managed to organize myself better than I usually do. Must be those extra days at home, not running to multiple locations. I even managed to find some time last night – after the laundry, dishes, toy clean-up and showers – to scan some of their artwork. In my perfect world, I try to do this once a month. I save all the files into folders based on their current grade so I can create small art books that they get for Christmas. As I was going through the art, marveling at how their styles have changed over the years and just taking pleasure in their detailed simplicity I thought – why not share?

I struggled with whether to do this or not because I wasn’t sure if the whole world needed to know how much of a bragger I actually am. Even though I do talk about my children a lot (everywhere I go) I still struggle with making sure they know how uniquely talented they are. It seems like we spend so much time nagging them to pick up their toys, finish their dinner, hurry up and, of course, disciplining them for not being respectful of each other. Spending time doing this exhausts us enough that we sometimes neglect to make them feel like the amazing individuals that they are. Putting their art on the web for everyone to appreciate might just be a little something towards reminding them how much joy they bring to us and to everyone they meet.

So, that was a really long way to introduce you to my son’s art. This particular piece came home from school one day and I loved it immediately. It’s one of the highlights on the artboard that resides above my desk. My son is not a talker – not about school anyway – so he didn’t take the time to tell me what the story behind the drawing is but I’m assuming they were working on perspective. And I do love the perspective in this piece – it’s probably my favourite aspect – but I also love the small details. The cloud shaped like a man, the curtains only in certain windows, the bubble-shaped helicopter and the little people – one of which is either a bunny or an alien, either option is possible. I hope you enjoy this piece – if you do, comment and tell him what you think. Please feel free to share back links to your own children’s art as well – I would like to create a little children’s art Pinterest board so our kids can appreciate works by their peers. If you send me a link, let me know if it’s okay that I Pin it. Seems like an easy way to encourage art appreciation at an early age!

©LAJ, 2012



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