Calming the Chaos

How often do you get to the end of a long week and realize that you didn’t do half the things you had planned? Mostly because they were forgotten while you lived through the daily craziness that is your life?

All the time? Me too.

I’ve been following Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life over on Modern Parents Messy Kids. There are some great ideas there for de-cluttering, creating cleaning schedules, meal plans and more. I love the ideas and they’ve inspired me to organize my thoughts – I’ll focus on the cleaning part of it once my thinking is focused again! Last night I had one of those moments – maybe 5 of them in a row – sitting on the bed stuck because I knew I had a ton of things to do but I couldn’t remember any of them. I wallowed in my lost and confused state for a few minutes and when I realized that wasn’t helping anything, I grabbed my iPhone and sat back down to write some notes. I was hoping that if I wrote one thing down it would help me remember the rest of my long “to do” list. It worked! I planned out every day this week from 8pm on (kids asleep = increased productivity. Coincidence?) and felt so much better. I planned blog posts, a bit of cleaning, some exercise and sewing/creative time. I also accepted the fact that this little “hand written” schedule will need to be flexible in order to deal with things like sleep-resistant children, creative blocks, sticky floors, exhaustion and anything else that might slow me down. Just the fact that I have a direction and all my plans (as of Sunday night anyway) are written down gives me a little bit of calm amidst chaos.

Now I’ve got to run to see if I can get everything else I planned to do tonight finished. I’ll leave you with this thought – I hope it helps inspire you to get through the week feeling good, maybe even brilliant, about everything you do.



2 thoughts on “Calming the Chaos

  1. I totally agree on the writing it down bit – I have to have something to hold me accountable!
    I used to keep a pretty good schedule but this living without our things and in a little apartment business has really messed it up. I don’t feel nearly as “put together”.

    Then you throw daylight savings onto the mix..oy!

    • I’ve written things down in various forms over the years but I think this was the first time that I gave myself permission to not follow it to the minute – the schedule itself can be fluid and I don’t have to give up if things don’t go as planned. Hopefully that tiny bit of freedom will give me what I need to keep up the Sunday night scheduling party!

      Isn’t telling a 5-year-old that they have to go to bed when it’s still daylight out fun??? Better yet, getting them up while it’s still dark! 😉

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