Book Suggestion – Banner in the Sky

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re destined for something big; to feel like you aren’t accomplishing everything you came into this world to do. I also know how it feels when you’re held back and unable to reach your goals thanks to financial constraints, bad timing, your own lack of faith or any other number of outside forces. So I found some inspiration in a 1988 book that my husband remembered reading in school and ordered for our family library.

Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman is the story of Rudi Matt; an aspiring young Alpine Guide who is held back from achieving his dream. He wants to climb to the summit of an unconquered mountain; the mountain that took his own father’s life. His family and the opinions of the other climbers in his small village hold him back. He doesn’t look like the other guides, he’s not outwardly strong and, most significantly, his mother wants to protect him from suffering the same fate as his father.

Rudi has courage, passion and an intense desire to reach his goal. He inspires me to nurture those character traits in myself and stand by my decisions. Faith in myself will bring honest supporters who will be the key to successfully climbing my own mountain.

The book is probably geared toward an age range of 9-14 but, clearly, my almost-40-year-old brain enjoyed reading it as well. It gave me a renewed sense of hope after a particularly dreary day. I hope you read it with your family and have the same positive experience.

Now, I wonder who I can get to go rock climbing with me tomorrow?


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