Calendar Fun!

Do you ever have one of those nights where you’re so tired you barely remember how to type, never mind what you should write? That’s where I am tonight. I did a little work earlier today though (before my brain started shutting down) and wanted to share it with you.

In January I started making huge calendars for my fridge – one month takes up the entire freezer door. I print it in 4 pieces and then tape it together but it’s worth the effort. My daughter is learning her numbers and we’ll be working on days and months soon. We write in where she is going each day in different colours so it’s easy for her to tell whether it’s a “happy home” day or a “stupid school” day. Someday maybe she’ll like school. In the meantime, she’s been given fair warning about when she’s forced to be there.

We also use it to plan meals, write down PA days, trips to Grandma’s house and this month I’m going to add in the days we go play in the gym or go swimming. Basically we’re using it for whatever is important to the kids. It has become a handy tool for us. My kids are big on structure and this really helps. There are no surprises.

I’ve included two versions of my March calendar below – one that includes the week we have for March Break here and a generic one in case you have a different break week. Like I said, I have to print it on four 8.5×11 pages and then trim and tape it together but the bit of time doing that is worth it. I hope this helps things run smoothly at your house too!




One thought on “Calendar Fun!

  1. WOW those are really pretty. I have used Excel for years to do my fridge calendars because I’m good with Excel & I can edit them, however I’ve always missed the pretty designs like you’ve done with this one. Good job!

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