Super Heroes in Small Packages

Who is your Super Hero? I actually have a few but today my absolute favourite Super Hero is my son. He’s 8 and he’s awesome.

Throughout the school year he and his friends have been creating various clubs that usually revolve around some sort of drawing – they make up characters and some video-game style features for them. This past week he decided to make his own Super Hero Club and invited his Dad and I (and yes, even his sister) to join. My son and my husband have discussed logos, mission statements and how to earn your Super Hero cape. Tonight my son came up with his avatar (we’re all supposed to make our own) and he’s downstairs on the computer right now working on the bio to go with it. It’s well past when he’s supposed to shut the computer down for the night but I just can’t say no to this kind of creativity.

My son is not going to leap tall buildings in a single bound – at least not tonight. He doesn’t have x-ray vision – although he does mysteriously know when there’s a Hershey’s Kiss in my pocket. He doesn’t have super-human strength and, sadly, he can’t fly (that could really come in handy!). The super powers he does possess are very special and have the potential to create a massive positive impact in his lifetime. He can create an entire world with a pencil and a sheet of paper, he can bring drawings to life with a wonderful story and – very important to me – he has the ability to heal with a single hug. There isn’t a more powerful Super Hero out there.

Note the pink shirt for anti-bullying day. And apparently Avatar's do not have faces. Who knew?


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