Busy Little Mouse

I was desperately trying to finish a book geared towards grown-ups for last week’s book suggestion but I couldn’t pull it off. I would have been happy with a book written for an 8-year-old but I didn’t even have time for that either – just too much going on. I did manage to read one of my absolute favourite picture books with my daughter (thank goodness for picture books!). Technically it’s well beyond her “level” but that’s the sign of a great book to me – you want to read it over and over regardless of how old you are. After all, I am almost 40 and I want to read it again and again!

Busy Little Mouse, by the mother and daughter team of Eugenie and Kim Fernandes, is a gorgeous book that follows one little mouse on a journey through a farmyard filled with animal friends. The book provides a fun opportunity for young children to practice their animal sounds – or maybe to correct yours! My daughter used to find my guesses at the proper sounds hilarious. What, a cat doesn’t say “quack, quack”? As you read, don’t forget to play “I Spy” to find the mouse and the ladybug on every page – trust me, they’re there!

I have no words for the artwork except to say that you need to (yes, need to) look at the details on every single page. You’ll be rewarded at the end of the story with a beautifully lit, three-dimensional image that ties every page of the book together (check out those cuddlies in Little Mouse’s bed!) and makes me want to immediately kiss my children good night, even in the middle of the day. Okay, let’s be honest, that happens sometimes whether we’ve read the book or not. Who doesn’t wish it was bedtime at 3:00 in the afternoon once in a while?

The book was printed in 2002 and is still available through the publisher’s website, www.kidscanpress.com. Check it out at your local library and I promise you you’ll want to get a copy for your permanent home collection. Enjoy – we do!


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