A Complete Ensemble

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted. Thanks to Destri at The Mother Huddle I mustered up the courage to pull out my dusty sewing machine and try to make a pair of pajama pants. They turned out perfect and were immensely gratifying! Now I can’t stop. I am sewing inspired! Who knew there were such helpful people with amazing tutorials on the web? Thank you Destri!

My daughter has been the lucky recipient of most of my little projects. Okay, I don’t know how lucky she feels but I think she has appreciated a couple of things. My latest project started with a fun fabric I’ve had for years and this tutorial for a perfect little purse. I had enough fabric to make another pair of those gratifying pants to match. I was quite pleased with myself – although the purse ended up with a minor flaw. I used wooden bangles as the handles instead of the thinner metal ones. What’s the big deal, right? Well, I didn’t leave enough fabric to cover them and still leave room for an adult hand to fit inside. It’s okay though, my daughter is totally fine with me not being able to get at her things!

Typically I do my sewing at night so I can focus. It’s either that or I accept the fact that I’ll be spending a lot of time fine-tuning my stitch-ripping skills. I worked on this quite late and then left the finished project folded neatly on my dresser. When my daughter woke me up the next morning (6:30 am, always awesome when you’ve been sewing until midnight!) I told her there was something new for her on my dresser. When I asked if she liked her things there was a pause and then she said, “Yes, but there’s no shirt that matches.”

I’ll assume the “thank you” will come later.

Ignoring the lack of appreciation, I threw on my robe (aka, my “SuperMom” cape) and tried to come up with a plan. Mostly because I knew that if I didn’t create something the other parts of the outfit would remain on my dresser, never to be worn. In the hour I had before we left for a visit to Grandma’s house I managed to remove an appliqué I had put on a white shirt only 2 weeks before and reapply a huge piece of fabric that matched the new pants. Matching shirt, pants and purse in under 12 hours = happy 5-year-old! Yay!


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