Music and Memories

I’ll be honest. I’ve spent the last 2 hours working through the deep breathing exercises I learned in prenatal class. No, I’m not in labour – far from it. We just had a small electronics incident that left us with about $300 in repairs. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things; the rational part of me knows that. The irrational part of me just keeps screaming, “This sucks!!”

I’m calming down now. The deep breathing helped. So did remembering what I originally planned to write about tonight – memories inspired by music. On my drive home from work tonight I heard, “Wavin’ Flag” by Young Artists for Haiti. Although this version of the song was released after a devastating natural disaster it actually powerful, positive memories of my kids. My son at 6 years old, singing at the bus stop in the morning and then telling me in the afternoon about all the kids “waving flags” at the back of the bus. Evidence that the empowering song had a huge effect on all of our kids. I remember my kids and I singing it in the car, my husband smiling quietly beside me and sneaking peeks at the kids waving in the back seat. Even now, almost 2 years after it was released, it’s having an impact on our family. My son translates the French language sections!

Those memories made me smile as I turned up the radio. What songs make you remember happy, perfect, fun moments with your kids?


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