Lying Games

“What was that – are you okay?”
There was a slight hesitation followed by, “Uh, yeah Mom.”
Would you believe him? I definitely did not. I ran up the stairs to see my son standing in his sister’s room (I’m not sure why he was there)with my iPad in one hand, smart cover in the other.
“Did you drop my iPad?”
His response was an unconvincing, “No?”
“Then what fell?”
He actually scanned the room, presumably looking for something that would have made the same sound as an iPad falling on hardwood flooring. Busted.
This was actually the second lie of the night. The earlier one was relatively minor but the degree of lying isn’t important to me. We’ve had this conversation before. The “no lying” rule is a big one in our house. It bothers me more than almost anything else because it feels like a blatant display of disrespect. Apparently I’ve been very hard on him in thepast because his lies are usually an attempt to stay out of trouble. No matter how many times I’ve explained that there will be bigger consequences for lying than any other offense, he just doesn’t seem to get it.
My 5-year-old was even on a lying kick tonight. Typically hers are minor as well but the hard part is, she’s so good at it! She’s very convincing when she uses the “But Daddy said…” line or, my personal favourite,“I didn’t have an accident, my pants just got wet when I stepped in a mud puddle”. Credits for creativity.
So, I’ve tried the honest chat about why lying upsets me so much. I’ve tried reassuring them that I will have more patience handling what was done in the first place. And I’ve tried a variety of consequences. The perfect resolution to this problem has not come to me yet. Do you have any ideas? How do you handle lying?
It has occurred to me that maybe I should focus my attention on showing them both that I’m going to love them regardless of the scratches on my iPad or the huge pile of “mud” covered clothes in my laundry room. Some days it seems impossible to find time to show more love but I came across this link that inspires me and proves that it isn’t so hard to fit a little extra love into your day. It’s true, I’m not lying.

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