Report card day has arrived. Insert nail-biting and nervous energy here.
Wait, it’s okay – everything actually went fairly well! My son’s report was really good and there were just a few surprising comments on my daughter’s. Mixed in with a lot of positivity (yay!) was the news that she only recognizes her numbers up to 5. She can count to 20 in English and French but can’t seem to identify or write the numbers. This was an odd bit of information (I was sure she knew up to 10 at least, not to mention her favourite number, “eleventeen”) but I took it as a challenge and threw on my “SuperMom doubling as a teacher” cape! I started dreaming up fun ways to help her with this little issue. We were already using a huge calendar for our fridge – she loves her job of crossing off each day after I tell her the number. Added bonus? We’ve colour coded the days so she knows when she’s going to school or to the babysitter and when she’s at home with us.That’s been super helpful for so many reasons.
We also bought a digital clock for her room so she can see numbers as soon as she wakes up and right before she goes to sleep. Hopefully this will also produce the much desired side-effect of teaching her NOT to wake Mommy and Daddy on Saturday mornings before she sees a 7 on the clock. I can dream.
Over the weekend I put together some very simple Easter Egg shapes in PhotoShop with the numbers 1 to 14 on them. The kids and I decorated our stairs with them and now as she makes her way up to her room she can count and recognize numbers with every step.
My final plan (to work on tonight) is to put a simple sheet of random numbers, 1 to 20 on the bathroom wall. Every time she’s in there I’ll have her find a number and put a sticker over it. Hopefully this will also encourage better bathroom habits, but that’s a different story.
So, after all my brilliant ideas, here’s the best part. I dropped her off with the babysitter this morning and filled the sitter in on the numbers situation. She was also surprised but helpfully offered to dig out some flash cards to go through at snack time. When I picked her up tonight, guess what? She had recognized every number easily, in random order up to 18, with the exception of 13.What does this tell me? It confirms that my very intelligent daughter has a very independent streak! Personally, I think she is a crazy smart girl who will choose to use her intelligence when and where she wants to – that should make the high school years fun for all of us!
Easter Egg Stair Counters
Number recognition even in the bathroom!

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