Family Day Weekend – So Much Fun!

It’s the end of a very busy and fun Family Day weekend! I’m exhausted but happy that we managed to pull off a number of family activities without any major fiascoes!
The kids were both in school on Friday so I tried desperately to get the house cleaned up for the weekend. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as planned. My appointment with the eye doctor left me with dilated pupils and vision so blurred I actually had to ask the man at the ATM next to me how much the cheque I was depositing was made out for! It was a solid4 hours before I could see clearly again! I managed to put laundry away and wash dishes but there’s a good chance a number of the dishes had to be re-washed over the course of the weekend. My daughter may also be wearing my son’s underwear due to some confused laundry sorting. Whoops.
No worries though – the weekend improved from there. I almost felt like a somewhat organized Super Mom! Saturday was full of shoveling, snowman building and skating in a snowstorm all finished off with hot chocolate, pizza and a movie. I even spent a productive evening sewing a PJ outfit inspired by TheMother Huddle, complete with matching purse! I’ll have more on that a little later this week. Sunday was a trip to Grandma’s house for lunch and then to a birthday party full of snow tubing and tobogganing. Today was actually Family Day and I instigated an “unplugged” rule. Aside from a little whining first thing in the morning, nobody even asked for a screen! Yay! We spent time catching up on some laundry (wild & crazy family fun, right?), started a Lego town and then we went to a fantastic mosaic workshop run by the amazing artist, Anja Hertle. I’ll have more on that next week when we get the final grouted pieces back!
There are some weekends that are full of whining, yelling,attitude and bickering. Granted, a lot of that comes from me but still – those ones are the real “long weekends”. A never-ending 48 hours that makes me wonder how we’ve all managed to survive the last 8 years together. Thankfully, once in a while, we have a weekend like this one – one that actually lasts 3 full days and is so much fun that it’s over before we know it. A weekend that leaves me feeling tired but still functional– exhausted but exhilarated. I know it was memorable for the right reasons. These weekends leave me feeling reassured – we will make it to their teenage years. But I’m not promising anything beyond that.
That’s us – way over on the right – waiting for the rink to be cleared. Can you believe the snow?
The beginnings of “Space Out” Lego Town – I love it when they work together!
So many tiles – I’ll show you what it turned into next week!

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