My Love/Hate Relationship with Yoga Pants

The day has officially arrived. I can no longer fit into anyof my button wielding pants. I’m thankful for my comfy yoga pants and jeggings butI also harbour bitter resentment towards them because – since they always fit –I didn’t realize that doing up a pair of jeans with a button was a luxuryembedded firmly in my past.

No – I refuse to let the stretchy pants win! I have the beginnings of a plan and some tools to help me so I’m on a mission. Just to be clear here, I’m not on a mission to lose 20 pounds so I can be outwardly beautiful. Instead, my mission is to become healthier and full of energy so I can play with my kids. There is also the very important goal I’ve set to NOT spend money I don’t have on a new wardrobe simply because I’ve eaten too many cookies. Oh and yes, I’d also love the flat abs I’ve always dreamed of but that may be part two of this makeover. One step at a time.
So, you’re wondering what those tools are, aren’t you? Well,the support of my family is key. I usually try to do these things without telling my husband or kids but I finally realized that might not be the most intelligent approach. My husband is on board to help me with my lack of willpower and I’ve told my kids that I need to exercise more. We made a promise to go swimming, skating and to the gym to run, bounce and climb walls.
I also found an app for my iPhone that helps me keep track of what I’m eating. This is the main thing that has helped me be successful in the past. Lose It allows me to enter foods manually, by searching their database or by scanning a bar code (awesome!) and it keeps track of calories and other nutritional information that I’m interested in. By entering the exercise that my kids and I do I can increase my caloric intake for the day – yay!
Lastly, I’m planning to backtrack through LoseTheFatForLife’s January 2012 archives. Dale offered free health and wellness tips in January tohelp set you up for success in your weight loss goals. I’ll take all the help I can get, thanks Dale!
So far this week I’m a little hungry but I suppose that’s tobe expected when you cut out the four extra snacks that you‘re used to (most of which consisted of popcorn and chocolate chip cookies). Wish me luck – my plan is to send the stretchy pants to the back of my closet by the summer. They will be given day passes only on the rare “eating with abandon” days like Christmas.  And I’m pretty sure I can stop myself from making every day an abandon day. Pretty sure.

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