A Love of Books – One by Kathryn Otoshi

I realized today (yes, sadly it’s taken me almost 40 years to figure this out) that reading could be a simple way to resolve the crazinessin my life. I can escape into a novel or be inspired by an autobiography andsomehow manage to not feel quite so crazy. With that in mind, I thought itmight be a good idea to share my impending tranquility by offering a book suggestionevery week. I’ll share the books that have given me peace, laughter, sanity andinspiration. Hopefully they’ll offer you the same. I find joy in a variety ofbooks so I’ll tell you about my favourite children’s books (which my own kidswill voice their opinion on), non-fiction inspirational books and, let’s behonest, the odd trashy novel.

No better time to start than now! It’s one of my daughter’s favourite books and I love it too:
I picked this book up a couple of years ago at an independent bookstore and I fell in love with it. The book has a very important message about bullying and empathy. Kids learn that it’s okay to stand up and say they matter, but that they can be empathetic while they do it. The main characters are colours and numbers so younger kids will enjoy the chance to practice their counting and colour identification skills. We’ve been reading the book for a couple of years now so we have moved to using it as a way to practice our French language skills as well.
When I asked my daughter what she liked best about the book she said, “When Red and Blue get along”. When I asked her what she liked least she was very clear that the way Red treated Blue at the beginning upset her.The visual learner in her loved the colours (“Orange is my most, most, most,most, most favourite colour”) and she also pointed out the way the paint swirls in the illustrations. She’s got a very graphic eye!
The book is beautiful, textural and a joy to read to kids between 3 and 6 years old. Having said that, even my “too cool” 8-year-old joins story time when he hears us reading it. Check out the KO Kid’s Books website to take a virtual look into the book, you’ll love it!
As an added, relevant, bonus today – here’s a link to The Mother Huddle (one of my favourite blogs) whose post today “The Power of Play: Love and Learn”is very relevant to this week’s book choice. Check it out for an activity that helps teach empathy and hopefully minimizes the number of bullies in our children’s lives.

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