Valentine’s is over – now I need some inspiration.

So I ended up only doing two crafts for Valentine’s Day. You’ve already seen the cards I did for my daughter’s class which, I think, turned out really well. I had planned to do these great MadLib cards for my son’s class but at the last minute he decided that Valentine’s Day wasn’t for him this year.He’s 8 – he’s becoming a little unsure of boy/girl interactions so I didn’t want to push him. Selfishly, it really helped my Valentine’s Eve go a little smoother and got me to bed earlier.
The last craft I had planned was some felt heart pockets to tuck my family’s favourite kisses into. Okay, my kisses didn’t really fit but I gave them the next best thing – Hershey’s Cookies & Cream! I was inspired by a blog tutorial but now I can’t find it anywhere! If this picture looks like a tutorial on your site, please comment back with your link so I can give you proper credit! The inspiration heart had buttons on it but I thought I’d change it up a little by doing a simple stitched heart on the front. This was the most successful part of my Valentine’s Day – everybody really appreciated the effort. My son even acknowledged that I made it! Yay!
This year’s Valentine’s Day was pretty successful overall. I’m proud of my handmade efforts and there were plenty of happy moments and hugs from my family. I am so grateful for those. But there were some not so great moments too and – even though I’m desperately trying to figure out the positive angle on the negative parts of the day – I’m left feeling a little uninspired. So, I’m hoping you’ll help me find some inspiration tonight. What do you do when you need to just laugh and feel like the world isn’t so complicated? How do you get through creative blocks? And most importantly, please send me some links for your favourite kid-friendly YouTube videos that will create those perfectly hysterical kid giggles from my children! That kind of laughter always makes me feel better. These are the ones my daughter keeps asking for right now (they’re super cute but I’m ready for some new material now). I hope they make you and your kids laugh too.

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