Best Mom, Obsessed Mom

Okay, first let me say that this craft could possibly identify me as one of the world’s most thoughtful moms who lovingly crafts unique Valentines so her daughter will be proud to share them with her class. However, it could also single me out as a mildly obsessive mother who wants her kid to have the best (read: most perfect) Valentines in the class and therefore does them at night after her kids are asleep. Yes, I do know this means they can’t help.

I’ll explain – you choose which description suits me more.
In my late night surfing I came across this idea from the Martha Stewart website.
I knew I had some leftover scrapbook paper from a previous project that would be perfect for this. I also knew that I would be doing these ones on my own because my 5-year-old wouldn’t have patience for the exact folds required to make the “wrapping” work. Honestly, I wouldn’t have patience for the vast amounts of costly paper wasted. I could have picked a simpler card design – I could have left it as a cutout heart and had her glue the greeting on. I didn’t. I rationalized by saying that if I bought cards from a department store we’d have to go through the process of getting her to sign her name 19 times and that wouldn’t be enjoyable for any of us. This way she would get to handout unique cards that her mom made with love. I assured myself that this would cement my place in her heart – she would love me forever because her cards were clearly the coolest. The reality is, my place in her heart was secured as soon as she saw the chocolate hearts that were going with the carefully drawn, cut and folded cards.
So, here’s how the cards turned out. We’re going to sneak into her classroom tomorrow and tuck them into the Valentine’s bags that her teacher actually let her make. She’s a much more patient (read: less obsessed) woman than I am.
The unfolded card with her greeting glued on, a foil wrapped chocolate and the folded, finished package.



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