Valentine’s… for better or for worse.

I’m not gonna lie. Valentine’s is not one of my favourite holidays. My husband and I somehow managed to mess up the first few we spent together and, 21 years later, we no longer try very hard. I know that sounds sad but we’ve been together a long time and prefer to express our feelings at random times throughout the year which makes Valentine’s Day almost unnecessary. The peak of my dislike for the holiday came when I worked in the city and travelled the subway system daily. Every February 14thI watched as frazzled men scrambled to get the last batch of sad carnations to take home to their partners. I actually made my husband swear never to buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day – it would make me more upset than forgetting the day altogether.
Then came the children. It’s amazing how they change every aspect of your life, isn’t it? I continued to resist the “greeting card holiday” aspect of Valentine’s Day and I resented being told that my 2-year-old,who could barely speak, was expected to exchange Valentine cards at daycare. Don’t worry, I got over my resentment when I saw his excited face looking at Spiderman cards.Over the years, and with the help of my daughter’s enthusiasm for anything that might involve getting candy, I’ve become more accepting of the day and learned not to put so much pressure on it. My mildly obsessive habit of surfing the Internet introduced me to some great websites that I’ve started following daily – thank you Frugal Family Fun,Modern Parents Messy Kids, MADE and The Mother Huddle. Through these blogs and others (including Martha Stewart this year!), I’ve gathered a lot of inspiration for many things – including Valentine’s Day. I’ve actually decorated this year– unheard of!
So, I’m still not promising that my husband is going to reap the benefits of my growing interest in Valentine’s Day (sorry babe) but my kids will know that it is a special day for us to do special little things (focus on little)to show our appreciation and love for family and friends.
The pic below is the collection of craft supplies I’ve gathered for this year’s celebration – I’ll let you know next week if they actually morphed into anything and I’ll give you some links for the blog posts that inspired me.

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