Posted in February 2012

Super Heroes in Small Packages

Who is your Super Hero? I actually have a few but today my absolute favourite Super Hero is my son. He’s 8 and he’s awesome. Throughout the school year he and his friends have been creating various clubs that usually revolve around some sort of drawing – they make up characters and some video-game style … Continue reading

The Elusive Gift of Confidence

Before I had kids I knew that the one gift I wanted to give them was a strong sense of confidence. I had a hard time with it growing up – I wasn’t the pretty girl or the sporty girl and my grades were average. I never knew where I fit (there are days when … Continue reading

Busy Little Mouse

I was desperately trying to finish a book geared towards grown-ups for last week’s book suggestion but I couldn’t pull it off. I would have been happy with a book written for an 8-year-old but I didn’t even have time for that either – just too much going on. I did manage to read one … Continue reading

A Complete Ensemble

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted. Thanks to Destri at The Mother Huddle I mustered up the courage to pull out my dusty sewing machine and try to make a pair of pajama pants. They turned out perfect and were immensely gratifying! Now I can’t stop. I am sewing inspired! Who knew there were such … Continue reading

Music and Memories

I’ll be honest. I’ve spent the last 2 hours working through the deep breathing exercises I learned in prenatal class. No, I’m not in labour – far from it. We just had a small electronics incident that left us with about $300 in repairs. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things; … Continue reading

Lying Games

Crash. “What was that – are you okay?” There was a slight hesitation followed by, “Uh, yeah Mom.” Would you believe him? I definitely did not. I ran up the stairs to see my son standing in his sister’s room (I’m not sure why he was there)with my iPad in one hand, smart cover in … Continue reading


Report card day has arrived. Insert nail-biting and nervous energy here. Wait, it’s okay – everything actually went fairly well! My son’s report was really good and there were just a few surprising comments on my daughter’s. Mixed in with a lot of positivity (yay!) was the news that she only recognizes her numbers up … Continue reading

Family Day Weekend – So Much Fun!

It’s the end of a very busy and fun Family Day weekend! I’m exhausted but happy that we managed to pull off a number of family activities without any major fiascoes! The kids were both in school on Friday so I tried desperately to get the house cleaned up for the weekend. Unfortunately, it didn’t … Continue reading

My Love/Hate Relationship with Yoga Pants

The day has officially arrived. I can no longer fit into anyof my button wielding pants. I’m thankful for my comfy yoga pants and jeggings butI also harbour bitter resentment towards them because – since they always fit –I didn’t realize that doing up a pair of jeans with a button was a luxuryembedded firmly … Continue reading