I tried it, she liked it!

We’ve had a crazy week. I can’t even describe it really – lots of chaos, lots of laundry and zero focus. That explains my lack of posts. It may also explain why, by Friday, I was looking for something to focus on – anything positive would work. So I did what I always do when I’m feeling a little crazed, I started surfing. I found a bunch of new blogs that Ilove and they helped me find something to turn my attention to.

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear in my previous posts but my 5-year-old daughter has a very independent spirit when it comes to her clothing choices. Right now, she wants her clothes to be the same from top to bottom. That might simply refer to the colour or it might mean that there’s a decorative element on her pants that also needs to be on her shirt. It may also mean that if she doesn’t have a white shirt and white pants (with matching socks and underwear) then her imagination will not allow her to be a polar bear. This, combined with her innate ability to change her mind at the worst possible moment (like 3 minutes before the bus comes), creates some serious problems. It’s rare for me to have exactly what she’s asking for and if I do have it you can almost guarantee that it’s dirty when she wants it.
So, why am I sharing the torture of our mornings with you?Because in my random surfing, I found the answer! A light at the end of our closet so to speak. First, I came across Dana’s website at www.danamadeit.com.She has a life-changing tutorial (yes, I do mean life-changing) on how to stencil t-shirts with freezer paper. Now I can make my daughter almost any design she wants! Our first project was shapes. Her repeated request for a “shape shirt” wasn’t something I understood but who am I to judge? We clarified that what she meant was yellow stars, golden circles and a purple oval. The result is below, along with the skull and crossbones shirt I made for my son – we are all very happy with how they turned out and they actually wore them! Score one for mom!
More surfing led me to The Mother Huddle and some sewing tutorials. I found a really simple guide to making pajama pants. Coincidentally, I had some white flannel leftover from a previous project and in a couple of hours she finally had the white pants she’d been asking for (which perfectly matched the white t-shirt with shapes on it) and they cost me under a dollar!
So, it was a rough start to the week but I was able to take the negative energy and turn it into something very positive. Who knows, with those kind of magical powers I may make it to 40 with my sanity in check after all!
She even has a matching cheese string in her hand!
I think we’ll do this again with a white skull on a black shirt, this one already has a spaghetti stain on it! 😉

One thought on “I tried it, she liked it!

  1. Wow, what a good mama you are! I came to look at the pajama pants (which look fabulous) and found myself reading post after post. Such an honest writing voice. So glad to have found you 🙂

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