The Phase Phrase

I can’t decide whether I love or loathe the phrase “It’s just a phase”. On the one hand, I am so tired of the numerous phases we’ve gone through (and I’m only talking about last week) but on the other hand, I take comfort knowing that the phases will pass.

I had a bit of an epiphany this weekend though. As my daughter was getting dressed without having a tantrum for the first time in a week, I realized that as the hellish phases pass, so do the fun ones. The morning dressing dramas will eventually be over (or maybe not – I am well aware that one day she’ll be a teenage girl after all) but the cute phase that involves her dressing entirely in brown so that she can convince her babysitter she’s a kangaroo will also be over.  I will eventually be able to see my son’s eyes without having to look over a DSi and under a blanket of hair but he may also outgrow his desire for lots of hugs and his willingness to offer them freely when I need one. This isn’t a phase that I want to end soon.
With every negative phase, there is a positive one. Realizing this little law of nature – and trust me, this was the least likely weekend for me to have figured this out – means that I have finally found a positive way to look at the daily meltdowns. Hopefully it will be much easier for me to maintain my sanity through the “I want a sucker” tantrum when I know that as soon as it’s over I’ll be building and decorating the perfect fort. Neither of these phases will last forever and that thought brings me peace and appreciation for both.
Speaking of forts – I came across the post below in my random web surfing. Built By Kids offers some useful tips for building forts but, more importantly, the post reminded me to have patience with the kids when I can’t find a sheet to make the bed with or a chair to sit on. In our house,the fort phase seems to be never ending but in the grand scheme of things I know it will be over before I can say, “It’s just a phase”.

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